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Forthcoming: “Coalition Governance in Portugal”, chapter in edited volume, Coalition Governance in Western Europe, edited by Bergman, Bäck and Hellström
Understanding corruption through the analysis of court case content: research note (2020) Qualitative Research Journal (with Luís de Sousa )
To adapt or to disregard? Parties’ reactions to external shocks (2019) West European Politics 42(3): 545-572. (with Martin Gross)
Presidentialism and Voter Turnout in Legislative Elections (2014) Parliamentary Affairs, 67 (3): 561-583. (with Daniel Stockemer)
Corruption and Turnout in Portugal: A Municipal Level Study (2013) Crime, Law and Social Change, December, 60 (5): 535-548. (with Daniel Stockemer )
Atypical Constructions of Democracy: Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Africa and the Balkans (2013) Nação e Defesa, n.º 135, September/October. (with Teresa Ruel)
The Elite Seen From Within – An Analysis of Milovan Djilas, The New Class (2012) População e Sociedade, n.º 20, Population, Economy and Society Studies’ Centre (CEPESE) Oporto, 185-201.
“Kosovo: A Game Without End” (2008) Revista de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, 2, Spring 2008, ISCSP – UTL, Lisbon, 53-85.