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Legislative Politics – 17.09.2020, “Party Anchorage in Multilevel States: The Selection of Representatives” at ICS-UL (LIsbon), SPARC Seminar.
Comparative Politics – 16.01.2017, “Co-sponsorship and Accountability in European Democracies: The cases of Austria and Portugal” at LSE (London), Political Behaviour Seminar.
Legislative Politics – 26.10.2016, “Government’s Legislative Initiative in Parliamentary Systems: The Portuguese Case” at LSE (London), PSPE Seminar Lunch.
Democracy – 23.06.2016, “Making Democracy Work” at CEU Budapest.
Comparative Politics – graduate, 16.03.2016, Political Science BA, “Comparative Analysis of Politics” (ISCTE-IUL).
Legislative Politics – graduate, 20.02.2013, PhD Research Seminar Series “Strategic Legislative Behavior in Portugal: An Emerging Data-Set” (Department of Political and & Cultural Studies, Swansea University, Wales).
Political Marketing – graduate, 07.11.2012, thematic seminar – M.A. of Publicity and Marketing, “Political Marketing and Presidential Image: The Cases of George W. Bush and of Barack Obama” (Communication Studies School, Lisbon, Portugal).
Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution – graduate, 19.05.2012 – M.A. of International Relations and European Studies, “Kosovo: Between Conflict and Peace” (University of Évora, Portugal).
Political Agenda – graduate, 08.05.2012 – M.A. of Communication, “Government’s Behavior: One Agenda or Several” (ISCSP-UTL, Portugal).
Geopolitics – graduate, 11.01.2012 – M.A of Strategy, “A Strategic Vision About Kosovo” (ISCSP-UTL, Portugal).
Political Agenda – undergraduate, 11.11.2011 – B.A. of Communication, “Legislative Behavior and Political    Agenda – Executive’s Strategy” (ISCSP-UTL, Portugal).
International Politics – graduate, 03.03.2011, Research Seminar M.A of Political Science, “The Governmental Use of Decree Power: The Rational-Choice Approach to Portuguese Politics” (Salamanca University, Spain).
Political Science Methodology – graduate, 06.01.2011 – M.A of Political Science, “Causality in Political Science” (ISCSP-UTL).
Research Seminar – graduate, 13.06.2008, M.A. International Relations, “Kosovo – Certainty of Yesterday and Uncertainty of     Tomorrow” (Lusíada University at Oporto, Portugal).
Political Science – Third Age University, 01.2008 – 02.2008, volunteering at Third Age University – Paróquia de São Domingos de Benfica (Lisbon, Portugal).
Globalization and State Authority – graduate, 05.12.2005 – M.A of Political Science (Lisbon,    Portugal), “Social Capital and Globalization: The Technological Evolution” (ISCSP-UTL).