Bio and CV

Photo_01062015I am a political scientist (Ph.D.), and currently, a Post-Doctoral Fellow funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology with a double affiliation CIES-ISCTE / University of Mannheim – Chair of Comparative Government, and a Visiting Fellow at the University of Konstanz.

Previously I worked in several other institutions like the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Germany), the University of Mannheim (Germany), the Open University (Portugal), the Lisbon University Institute, CIES (Portugal) and the University of Évora, CISA-AS (Portugal).

I was a Research Visiting Scholar at the New York University (US), at the University of Mannheim (Germany) and the University of Barcelona (Spain). I am and an Associate Researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History – New University of Lisbon (Portugal).

I obtained my Doctorate in Political Science (specialization in Comparative Politics) from the University of Lisbon – Institute of Social Science. I also hold a Master’s Degree and a University Degree (Licenciatura), both pre-Bologna, in Political Science from the Technical University of Lisbon – ISCSP.

My research is inter-disciplinary and centers on political institutions; comparative politics and comparative political economy; EU; legislative behaviour and decision-making (governments, parliaments, and parties); public policy analysis; political accountability/responsiveness and corruption.

In my PhD dissertation entitled: Government’s Decision: A Theoretical and Empirical Study on Legislative Initiative as Strategic Behaviour, I developed and tested a formal model of legislative decision-making. There I show, with original data from Portugal (1982-2009), that majority status changes the strategic decisions of Governments towards law proposals.

My work is published, among others, in Parliamentary Affairs, Crime, Law and Social Change, Rowman & Littlefield – Lexington Books, Nação e Defesa, Bertrand.

For more detailed information see my CV.