Comparative Politics – 16.01.2017, “Co-sponsorship and Accountability in European Democracies: The cases of Austria and Portugal” at LSE (London), Political Behaviour Seminar.

Legislative Politics – 26.10.2016, “Government’s Legislative Initiative in Parliamentary Systems: The Portuguese Case” at LSE (London), PSPE Seminar Lunch.

Democracy – 23.06.2016, “Making Democracy Work” at CEU Budapest.

Comparative Politics – graduate, 16.03.2016, Political Science BA, “Comparative Analysis of Politics” (ISCTE-IUL).

Legislative Politics – graduate, 20.02.2013, PhD Research Seminar Series “Strategic Legislative Behavior in Portugal: An Emerging Data-Set” (Department of Political and & Cultural Studies, Swansea University, Wales).

Political Marketing – graduate, 07.11.2012, thematic seminar – M.A. of Publicity and Marketing, “Political Marketing and Presidential Image: The Cases of George W. Bush and of Barack Obama” (Communication Studies School, Lisbon, Portugal).

Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution – graduate, 19.05.2012 – M.A. of International Relations and European Studies, “Kosovo: Between Conflict and Peace” (University of Évora, Portugal).

Political Agenda – graduate, 08.05.2012 – M.A. of Communication, “Government’s Behavior: One Agenda or Several” (ISCSP-UTL, Portugal).

Geopolitics – graduate, 11.01.2012 – M.A of Strategy, “A Strategic Vision About Kosovo” (ISCSP-UTL, Portugal).

Political Agenda – undergraduate, 11.11.2011 – B.A. of Communication, “Legislative Behavior and Political    Agenda – Executive’s Strategy” (ISCSP-UTL, Portugal).

International Politics – graduate, 03.03.2011, Research Seminar M.A of Political Science, “The Governmental Use of Decree Power: The Rational-Choice Approach to Portuguese Politics” (Salamanca University, Spain).

Political Science Methodology – graduate, 06.01.2011 – M.A of Political Science, “Causality in Political Science” (ISCSP-UTL).

Research Seminar – graduate, 13.06.2008, M.A. International Relations, “Kosovo – Certainty of Yesterday and Uncertainty of     Tomorrow” (Lusíada University at Oporto, Portugal).

Political Science – Third Age University, 01.2008 – 02.2008, volunteering at Third Age University – Paróquia de São Domingos de Benfica (Lisbon, Portugal).

Globalization and State Authority – graduate, 05.12.2005 – M.A of Political Science (Lisbon,    Portugal), “Social Capital and Globalization: The Technological Evolution” (ISCSP-UTL).




Dreiländertagung Conference, Zurich, 14-16 February; 09.05.2019-11.05.2019, conference “Analyzing Strategic Interactions in Political Decision-Making”, CIES-ISCTE Lisbon & ECPR Standing Group on Analytical Politics and Public Choice (presenter and conference organizer); EPSA Conference, Belfast (upcoming); ECPR SG on Parliaments Conference, Leiden (upcoming); September 2019, conference “Advances in the Empirical Study of Parliaments”, University of Konstanz, Germany & ECPR Standing Group on Parliaments (presenter and conference organizer).


EPSA Conference, Vienna (paper giver); ECPR General Conference, Hamburg (section responsible, paper giver and discussant).


ECPR – Standing Group on Parliaments, Basel, Switzerland (paper giver)

Workshop “Party Competition in European Multi-Level Systems”, MZES, Mannheim, November 23-25, (discussant).


ECPR, Prague, Czech Republic (paper giver)

EPSA, Brussels, Belgium (paper giver)

MPSA, Chicago, USA (paper giver and discussant)

APCP, Lisboa, Portugal (paper giver)


EPSA, Vienna, Austria (paper giver with Martin Gross)

Salamanca University, Salamanca, Spain (paper giver)

ECPR Joint Sessions – Design and Non-Design in Policy-Making: When and How Policy Design Matters, Warsaw, Poland (paper giver).


7th APCP Conference, Coimbra, Portugal (paper giver).


7th ECPR General Conference, Bordeaux, France (convenor, chair, and paper giver).

Comparative Agendas Project, Conference 2013, Antwerp, Belgian (paper giver).


Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, (EPOP) Conference, Oxford, UK (paper giver with Célia Belim).

Madrid 2012, XXII World Congress of Political Science, International Political Science Association (IPSA), Madrid, Spain (paper giver).

Pre-IPSA Workshop “Challenges of Electoral Integrity”, IPSA, chair Pippa Norris, Madrid, Spain (paper giver with Daniel Stockemer).

6th APCP Conference, Lisbon, Portugal (convenor with Célia Belim, and Teresa Ruel, discussant (I), chair (II), and paper giver (II)).


Conference of the Political Communication Sections and Research Committee for Political Communication (RC22), IPSA, and of the Political Communication Section [International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR)] at ISCSP-UTL, Lisbon, Portugal (convenor with Célia Belim, chair, and paper giver).

Portugal and the International Organizations, Contemporary History Institute (IHC), Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH) of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL), Lisbon, Portugal (paper giver).

Conference: “Resolution and Prevention of Conflicts in Africa”, IDN, Lisbon, Portugal (paper giver with Teresa Ruel).

X CONGRESO: “La Política en la Red”, Asociación Española de Ciencia Política y de la Administración (AECPA), Murcia, Spain (paper giver).

American Political Science Association (APSA) \textit {2011 Annual Meeting}, Seattle, U.S.A. (poster presenter with Sebastian Köhler).

6th ECPR General Conference, Reykjavik, Island (discussant).

Conferência do Ciclo de Conferências: Lusofonias Políticas}, project: “Political Science at Coffee Time” (CPC), Observatório Político (OP) – UNL, (AAICS-UL), Portuguese Speaking Universities Association (AULP), and Livraria Pó dos Livros, Lisbon, Portugal (convenor, chair and discussant).

Social Sciences: Investigation Approaches, Lisbon, Portugal, AAICS-UL, ICS-UL (convenor, chair, and paper giver).


Film cycle: “Why Democracy?”, Lisbon, Portugal, AAICS-UL, ICS-UL (chair).

3rd ECPR Graduate Conference, Dublin, Ireland (convenor with Susana Cabaço, chair, discussant, and paper giver).

5th Latin American Political Science Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina (convenor and accepted communication presented by a colleague).

Meeting With the Science in Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal (poster).

Politics and Policy: Latin America in Debate, AAICS-UL, ICS-UL, Lisbon, Portugal (chair).
“Conversations About …”, AAICS-UL, ICS-UL, Lisbon, Portugal (chair).

68th Annual Midwest Political Science Association National Conference} (MPSA), Chicago, U.S.A., (chair, discussant and paper giver).

5th APCP Conference, Aveiro, Portugal (convenor with Susana Cabaço, chair, and discussant. paper giver, and paper giver with Paula Jerónimo).


5th ECPR General Conference, Potsdam, Germany (paper giver).

9th Conference of the European Sociological Association (EPSA), Lisbon, Portugal (paper giver with Susana Cabaço and paper giver with Paula Jerónimo).


Portuguese Demography Association General Conference (APD), Lisbon, Portugal (paper giver with Lúcia Sobreiro).

VI Portuguese Sociology Congress (APS), Lisbon, Portugal (paper giver).

2nd International Conference on Sociology, ATINER, Athens, Greece (paper giver with Alice Cunha).

IV APCP Conference, Lisbon, Portugal (paper giver and paper giver with Alice Cunha).


IX National Auditors Congress, (AADN), Évora, Portugal (paper giver).

Meeting: “The State of Sociology in Portugal”, (APS), Lisbon, Portugal (paper giver with Prof. Dr. Marcos Olímpio dos Santos, Prof. Dr. Saudade Baltazar, and Lúcia Sobreiro).

II National Debate on the Future of Europe, (IEEI), Lisbon, Portugal (paper giver).

IX General Conference of the Department of Sociology – Évora University, Évora, Portugal (paper giver and paper giver with Prof. Dr. Marcos Olímpio dos Santos, and Lúcia Sobreiro).


III APCP Conference, Lisbon, Portugal (paper giver).